Collectivizing & Diversifying Action



My work is dedicated to collectivizing and diversifying action at unlikely and overlooked intersections.

Nicole Anand

I am a political economist, design strategist and mixed-methods researcher.

I have 10 years of experience in international development, working in civil society at the intersection of research, governance, design and technology.

I live in Los Angeles, California. I am adjunct faculty at Parsons School of Art and Design at The New School in New York City in the MFA Transdisciplinary Design program. I formerly directed strategy at The Engine Room and Reboot. Prior to that, I was a citizen engagement specialist at The World Bank and an open government program manager at Global Integrity. My international development work began in New Delhi, India at OneWorld Foundation as the head of their research department focused on public innovation.

My work spans South and Southeast asia, Latin America and West Africa. I have extensive experience working in India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana and Nigeria.

I am a methodology nerd. I love and teach design research, including ethnographic methods. I am a facilitator and enjoy the difficult task of creating spaces for ‘a healthy debate’.

I am passionate about a few key subjects and welcome opportunities to collaborate in these areas:

Immigration: how do we learn about immigrants and their families from a human-centered perspective?

Facilitative Leadership: what makes leaders great? How do managers and teachers listen and learn to make inclusive and resonant decisions?

Argumentation: how do we develop a viewpoint? What types of reasoning do we use? What’s useful about an argument? Why should we engage with differing perspectives and how we can do this to benefit our societies?